This city will be underwater in 2050
Installation, 2022

The water is a facet of identity and facilitates the economy of Corpus Christi for its position on the Texas gulf coast. Yet the water is the biggest threat to its existence.

As the United States’ fifth largest sea port, Corpus is the gateway for a large amount of our country’s petrochemical supply. There is a deep irony in the fact that the economy of this city is dependent on the intake and refining of these chemicals yet the consumption is contributing to our global climate crisis and the impending demise of the city itself.

Within the next 30 years, Corpus Christi, like many coastal cities around the world, will experience rising sea levels by four feet. There is yet to be developed a comprehensive plan by the city on how they intend to offset the global crisis and respond to the forthcoming sea level rise.

The economic and tourist hubs of the city, including Downtown and adjacent neighborhoods, are the most vulnerable to destruction by the already rising sea levels. This piece urges awareness of the climate crisis; it challenges viewers and to take action and call on local leaders for economic and environment plans to save the place they call home.

This city will be underwater in 2050 is installed in Corpus Christi areas that are predicted to be underwater.