Project Statement
Joshua Duttweiler’s portfolio uses the framework of design to investigate social justice issues, presenting unique lens of critique for audience interaction. From print to digital to site-specific installation, the form and content relationships is uniquely designed to speak to its intended audience. Interaction and participation are strongly encouraged throughout much of the work, inviting the audiences to be involved in the critical conversation.

Artist Statement 
Joshua Duttweiler is a designer, artist, and educator. His multi-disciplinary practice encompasses personal, collaborative, and client-based projects focused on social justice and community building. Largely inspired by his ever-changing current location and its culture, the work is a critical exploration of historical and present-day societal systems and constructs. Whether it is through design, photography, curation, or site-specific installations, Duttweiler asks his audience to consciously consider about the spaces they occupy and makes way for new voices to be heard.

Biographical Narrative
Hailing from Buffalo, NY, Joshua Duttweiler holds a BFA in Applied Design from Houghton College and an MFA in Graphic Design from Boston University. He regularly exhibits and curates work nationally and internationally including at Art Museum of South Texas, University of Texas Permian Basin, Amarillo Museum of Art, Texas Woman’s University, Columbia College, (Mexico City), Museum Of Fine Arts of Mari El Republic (Russia).

He is the organizer for the Radius Collective, a creative body of artists and designers focused on critical discourse around identity, place, and connection using the symbolic and literal form of a line.

Duttweiler currently resides in Texas where he is an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. As an educator he is seeks to empower his students to change the world through their creativity.

Artist CV