Exhibition, photography

Many organic forms compose this ground you and I occupy. The two most prominent of these are human beings and plants. Inseparably symbiotic, plant life has sustained us from the dawn of time. As we have cultivated its growth, nature has nourished ours. We have worn it, eaten it, built with it. We have planted and transplanted it. We crave it. Some of civilization’s most heart-stirring sonnets and breathtaking compositions have been inspired by nature’s rapturous beauty. Yet, our modern context has separated a union we once shared. What was an entangled unity has now been unraveled and interrupted. Grown seeks to restore the nature of what once was, to remind man of his impact on vine, and to revive an understanding of our dependence on one another.

Exhibited at the Boston East Gallery, November 29, 2018 - February 28, 2019.

Floral Design by Suphoj Chancheaw.

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