Today, the city which holds the United States’ third largest port continues to struggle. Walking through Corpus Christi’s downtown, visitors and residents alike are reminded of a city that almost was an important urban center. Numerous historical plaques lay out stories of failed grand infrastructure projects and large events that were minimally attended. Yet these historical markers appear small in comparison to the city’s skyline which hosts twelve nearly vacant parking garages.

These massive concrete structures, mostly built in the 1980’s during Corpus Christi’s last period of significant economic growth are now left towering over an empty urban landscape. The plaques paint intimate tales of near victory in comparison to these large structures, yet both are reminders of the city’s anticipation of success left in a standstill. This has become a cycle that has plagued this Gulf Coast city since its inception. Despite the failures, the people of Corpus Christi remain resolute, this is their home and they are in this place, concrete.

Photography and design by Joshua Duttweiler.
Printed with Current Press at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi in Corpus Christ, Texas.
Edition of 40. September 2022.